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Music, like all languages, is used to communicate. But it is not a simple language, it is a universal language, because it does not understand ages or languages. In fact, it is the language of languages, because it is made up of several languages.

All we want is melody.

Everything we want to say will have a melody and a rhythm https://www.tongue-drum.net/ which we'll improvise. Try to simply say "hello" while singing and you will see how they catch your attention in an instant. It is also true that every child reacts differently to a stimulus. So we can't interrupt or overwhelm if we see that they don't respond immediately to the stimulus we offer. What we want to achieve through music is to say all this without saying it, in a natural way, at the same time as we invite you to enter into a new language that will help them to develop the fundamental aspects of their development.
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Background music is in most cases a superfluous element that is of no use, so we can eliminate it. However, promotional sites for films, music bands or video games can take advantage of background music. Music is taken seriously by those who respect it and take the trouble to listen to other cultures. Now, it seems important to save the concept of a platform like ours which is well established by the diversity of its sections. The meaning of the music would then be found in the musical work. It is said that under this view, what is not valued is not the action of art, the musical performance has no value in the creative process, but the value is the work itself.

Every human being is born with musical ability and has his or her own musicality which is expressed by making music alone or with others.

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